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Bloomberg reports that Google Inc.’s YouTube will let users get a portion of the site’s advertising revenue when a video goes “viral” and draws a wide audience.

A clip will qualify for the program if it meets certain criteria, including the number of views and its so-called virality, the company said today. Users who regularly produce content can already make money through YouTube’s ad-partnership program. The new policy would apply to one-off hits.

Running more ads on viral videos will increase revenue for both users and YouTube, helping bring the site closer to its goal of turning a profit. One-off YouTube hits include “Battle at Kruger,” a showdown between buffalo and lions, which has racked up more than 45 million views. “Otters Holding Hands,” another viral hit, has drawn almost 13 million views.

“There is a huge amount of money to be made,” Tom Pickett, director of online sales and operations at YouTube, said during a conference call with reporters. “We have hundreds of millions of views a week that are monetized. We continue to grow that aggressively.”

Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt said last month that he is now more optimistic about YouTube becoming profitable. Google doesn’t break out specific revenue numbers for YouTube, the most popular Web site for viewing videos.

Google, based in Mountain View, California, rose $2.64 to $471.37 at 4 p.m. New York time on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The stock has climbed 53 percent this year.

‘JK Wedding’

While the company had offered the ad-sharing program to some one-time hits in the past, YouTube will now officially adopt that approach. Users will get a message when their clip qualifies. Pickett declined to say how many views a video needs before it’s invited to join the program.

YouTube only sells advertising on clips that are part of the ad-partner program, Pickett said. In some cases, outside parties can get ad revenue from a video they didn’t create. That happened with the “JK Wedding Entrance Dance,” which used music from Chris Brown. His recording company, Sony Corp., received a portion of the ad revenue.

Extending the program to one-time video hits will expand the number of people getting ad revenue from thousands to “tens of thousands,” Pickett said.

By Richard Waters in San Francisco and Matthew Garrahan in Los Angeles for Financial Times

YouTube is finally on track to turn its first profit for parent Google, thanks mostly to two forms of online advertising that the popular online video site once largely scorned, according to executives at the internet search group.

The turnround in YouTube’s fortunes has become apparent in recent weeks, in spite of continued weakness in the broader online advertising market that depressed Google’s latest quarterly earnings, they added.

“We’ve been doing the business reviews and something fundamental has changed,” said Eric Schmidt, Google chief executive, in an interview with the Financial Times. “That is new, even compared to three months ago.”

Putting YouTube in the black would be an important turning point for Google. The $1.65bn it paid for the company two years ago was seen as a risky bet, particularly given accusations from media companies that YouTube turned a blind eye when their content appeared on the site.
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Redbox1With more subscribers choosing DVD-by-mail service, Netflix Inc. is one of the few companies to prosper during the worst U.S. recession in 70 years. However, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings still has something to worry about: an even cheaper DVD rental service run by one of his former lieutenants.

Redbox has emerged as the largest operator of DVD-rental kiosks, with more than 15,400 vending machines set up to dispense $1-per-day discs in supermarkets and discount stores.

I remember when I first saw a Redbox machine outside of a McDonald’s. I thought, “boy, these guys will put anything, anywhere just to get a quick buck.” This is exactly what Redbox had in mind.

According to AP reports
, Redbox opens an average of one kiosk per hour to lure budget-conscious consumers, Hastings is concerned that this upstart might upstage Netflix, whose cheapest mail-order plan costs $5 for two movie rentals in a month.
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Things have changed radically since Allen & Co.’s first summer summit in 1983. More than 260 media, financial and political leaders are gathering in Sun Valley, Idaho, for the Allen & Co. media conference. The conference revolves around the technology trailblazers who have turned computers and mobile phones into multimedia hubs that are tormenting newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, music labels and movie studios.

The disruption has technology gurus playing the dual role of the media’s sages and scourges.

This week, Twitter Inc. CEO Evan Williams will likely be in high demand as everyone tries to figure out whether the online messaging service is a fad or a revolutionary breakthrough in communications.
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