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So, it seems to me that media companies are starting to increase revenue in this recession despite a slump in sales and advertising. Maybe this is due to cost-cutting efforts last year and earlier this year. Hopefully , we will have a jobs recovery too.

Find out how some of the largest media companies are posting a profit for quarter two:
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magazinesIt seems like ever since the New York Times made the announcement that it is considering charging $5.00 for online subscriptions, other media outlets have come forward with their plans to do the same. I, for one, don’t mind paying for an online subscription for my favorite publications and the consensus from my online friends (my Tweople) has been the same. We see the negative effects that free online content has on the media industry and it is devastating. Some of my friends were sad to see Vibe magazine close shop, but I almost snapped when they told me they don’t even subscribe to the magazine.

I am a loyal fan of the brands and media outlets that I subscribed to whether it is the online or print version. If those sources were to start charging for web content, I don’t have a problem with paying. Lesson one in economics, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” I can, however, predict future problems. With the internet, there is always an issue with network sharing. One can subscribe to the Times, for example, and then copy and paste the article to a blog to provide free content to readers. It’s a vicious cycle and you have to wonder at what point does the media outlets gain better control of their online content. A journalist once told me, if I can figure out a way for media companies to make money online, I would be a millionaire. I think about finding a solution everyday. But, I say, if someone can figure a way to stop users from saving, copying and pasting content from online sources, that person will rule the world. Media outlets charging for online content is a move in the right direction, only if they can figure a way to keep content from flowing freely.

Here is a look at some of the online media sites that will charge or are already charging for online content that was once free:
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NYT considering charging for online subscription

NYT considering charging for online subscription

New York Times Co. said in a survey of print subscribers that it’s considering a $5 monthly fee for access to its namesake newspaper’s Web site says

In the survey, Times Co. also asked whether subscribers would be willing to pay a discounted fee of $2.50 a month for Web access. The Web site,, is currently free. Catherine Mathis, a spokeswoman for New York-based Times Co., confirmed the survey in an e-mail.

The newspaper had an average of 647,695 weekday home delivery subscribers as of the 26 weeks ended March 29, according to Audit Bureau of Circulations data. That doesn’t include single-copy sales or third-party sales.

Times Co. is selling assets and has cut pay and jobs to help combat the ad sales drop. First-quarter advertising revenue at the publisher plunged 27 percent, and the company said it expected a similar decline in the second quarter.

“The New York Times website,, is considering charging a monthly fee of $5.00 to access its content, including all its articles, blogs and multimedia,” the survey stated.
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The New York Times reports that in a direct challenge to Microsoft, Google announced that it is developing an operating system for PCs that is tied to its Chrome Web browser.

The software, called the Google Chrome Operating System, is initially intended for use in the tiny, low-cost portable computers known as netbooks, which have been selling quickly even as demand for other PCs has plummeted. Google said it believed the software would also be able to power full-size PCs.

The move is likely to sharpen the already intense competition between Google and Microsoft, whose Windows operating system controls the basic functions of the vast majority of personal computers.
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