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(PRNEWSWIRE) MTV turned New York City inside out for the “2009 Video Music Awards” as the network celebrated a legend and brought together the biggest names in music, TV, film and sports. Live from Radio City Music Hall, VMA icon Madonna opened the show and introduced the emotional and heartfelt tribute to Michael Jackson. Janet Jackson was joined onstage by the most renowned choreographers in the world and Michael’s tour dancers, all of whom were influenced by the “King of Pop,” for a memorable and high energy performance. To honor her brother and his illustrious career, the dancers recreated some of his most memorable music videos including “Thriller,” “Bad,” “Smooth Criminal” and “Scream.” The celebration received a standing ovation and set the tone for the most important evening in music and pop culture.

Always controversial, British comedian Russell Brand pushed the envelope as he had fun with a slew of new stars and charmed the ladies. Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and popstar Katy Perry helped Russell kick-off his hosting duties in a big way with a light infused performance of the classic rock anthem by Queen, “We Will Rock You.”
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DVD sales are slumping and Hollywood execs know it. Still, that hasn’t stopped them from heading to Comic-Con in San Diego to push DVDs through promotional efforts to generate pre-release buzz and awareness around the movie titles through panel discussions, photo ops, autograph signings with celebs, sweepstakes, screenings and giveaways. For example, attendees had the chance take photos with Bob, the gelatinous hero from “Monsters vs. Aliens,” and Trekkies were able to stand at the helm of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

According to an article from, the increased presence by studio homevid arms at Comic-Con is an effort to slow down a 13.5% slump in DVD sales during the first six months of the year, and a 9% overall drop last year.
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By Nicole Lyn Pesce, New York Daily News

comic con logoGeeks are gonna freak. More than 150,000 people are expected to attend Comic Con 2009 in San Diego, California which starts today. I will keep you updated as the convention goes along.

Whether it’s a fetish for vampire romance or the need for live-action 3D, this weekend’s Comic Con lineup packs a punch sure to please every member of the nerd herd.

The “Twilight” series, with its sequel “New Moon” based on Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series looming on the horizon, is just one of the main draws at the San Diego Convention Center.

Other highlights include Tim Burton’s delightfully twisted take on “Alice in Wonderland” and an early look at “Iron Man 2.”

Prepare for a blast from the past with the remake of the ’80s sci-fi classic “Tron,” about computer programmers trapped in the digital realm, or fast-forward with “Titanic” director James Cameron’s futuristic adventure “Avatar.”

The annual fan fest is like “the geek’s Sundance or the pop-culture Sundance,” Gregory Ellwood, editor-in-chief of entertainment site, tells the Associated Press.
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By: Julia Boorstin, CNBC

hollwood dvd

DVD sales used to be the bread and butter of the movie studios business, even more important to the bottom line than box office receipts. But thanks to shifting consumer patterns and the recession, home video sales are stuck in the kind of decline that’s making studio chiefs think about reinventing the business model.

Now some new data reveals just how bad the home video business is: DVD sales fell 13.5 percent in the first half of the year according to Digital Entertainment Group.

It’s not that piracy has replaced DVD sales — broadband capacity is still too limited for that — but people are opting to rent rather than buy.

Here’s the good news:

Movie rental revenue grew 8 percent in the first two quarters, which helps Netflix , Blockbuster and Redbox.

This makes sense: Americans are consuming more entertainment, staying home and avoiding shopping and travel, but they don’t feel compelled to add more DVDs to their library.

Blu-Ray sales rose 91 percent in the first two quarters, but that business is still very niche, just $408 million. Unlike the transition from VHS to Blu-Ray, we’re not going to see the same kind of purchasing.

Why not?

The answer is that DVDs don’t seem outdated, and there are plenty of digital distribution options, both legal and illegal.

On-demand movies, through cable or satellite video-on-demand or online streaming, grew 22 to $968 million.

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