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paid-content-locked1Last week, The Associated Press said it would put warnings against copyright violation on its articles and digitally track illegitimate uses. Now, there is a company that looks out for media companies by finding web sites, networks and blogs that reuses original content.

Attributor is the world’s premier web-wide content tracking and monetization platform. The service is for anyone who wants to know how, when and where their content is copied across the Web. For example, a media outlet gets to choose which content or titles they want to monitor through a secure file transfer, xml feed or other means. Then, Attributor scans billions of web sites, blogs and social networks on a continuous basis to find copies of content across the web looking for images, text and videos. If content is used on a site without permission from the original source, the company send removal notices to unauthorized sites, the companies hosting their content as well as the search engines and ad networks.
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