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Good news for marketers. The Nielsen Company and Facebook join forces to help marketers better use the Internet to develop and market new products according to statements from Nielsen.

The alliance combines Facebook’s global consumer reach with Nielsen’s market research expertise to provide better insight and information to marketers around the world.

First, the companies will roll out with Nielsen BrandLift, a product designed to provide marketers with effectiveness measurement for Facebook advertising. It will launch in the U.S. with select test partners this week and roll out to all Facebook advertisers in the coming months. BrandLift uses opt-in polls on Facebook’s homepage to measure consumer attitudes and purchase intent from display advertising that has appeared on the site.

“Facebook is an increasingly vital link between consumers and brands,” said John Burbank, CEO of Nielsen’s online division. “We will now be able to add deep knowledge of this important social network to our unmatched media measurement and consumer insight across all three screens. Together we will be able to provide the missing elements to clients seeking better understanding of how Web content and online advertising affect consumer behavior.”

“Nielsen is the leader in measurement and is an excellent partner for us as we look to provide marketers with richer ad effectiveness data,” said Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. “The combination of our unique ability to quickly and effectively poll a sample of our more than 300 million users and Nielsen’s expertise in data analysis will give marketers access to powerful data they can use to understand and improve current and future campaigns.”

Here is a complete list of all awards presented at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards.

Pushing Daisies

30 Rock

JON CRYER as Alan Harper CBS
Two And A Half Men

United States Of Tara

The Office
Stress Relief

ALEC BALDWIN as Jack Donaghy NBC
30 Rock


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Web street site traffic

For marketers, the college and NFL action during football season translates to major ad spend, and as the action heats up, fans jump online to stay in tune. According to, football sites saw a sharp uptick in seasonal traffic in August, with Unique Visitors (UVs) to the Compete Football category up 92.2% over July, 2009. While led the pack with nearly 6.5 Million Unique Visitors in August, fantasy fanatics flocked to (up 41% to 4.35 Million Unique Visitors), (up 79% to 4.75 Million UVs), and (up 350% to 579,000 UVs) to start their own seasons.

Coca-cola. First Interactive TV ad in Scandinavia

Coca-cola. First Interactive TV ad in Scandinavia

In order to squeeze more money from a slumping ad market, Cablevision Systems Corp. aims to use interactive commercials by showing interactive advertising to about three million digital-television customers next month, becoming the first U.S. cable operator to do so.

Customers will use remote controls to click on banners at the bottom of their screens during commercials and get coupons or free samples of products by mail- so don’t worry- the feature won’t interrupt programs.

The six largest cable companies, including Cablevision, created Canoe Ventures last year to introduce similar ads nationally. The effort was hampered by the technological limitations of older set-top boxes and privacy concerns, leading Canoe to suspend trials of its first product in June.

Comcast Corp., the largest U.S. cable provider, and Time Warner Cable Inc., its smaller rival, are gradually testing and debuting targeted advertising. In April, Time Warner Cable started “promotions on-demand.” The offering allows Time Warner viewers to click on an ad and go to an on-demand channel dedicated to the product.

Cablevision got a jump on the rest of the industry in March, when it said it had begun testing of a new targeting technology. It can route ads to specific households based on demographic data, such as income, gender and ethnicity. Cablevision will be the first cable company to unveil interactive banner ads to its entire service area.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s Benjamin Moore paint company is one of the first advertisers to sign on according to reports. When viewers see Benjamin Moore’s ad, they can push the select button on their remote control and get a free two-ounce color sample. The ads will appear on at least 25 cable networks.

By the end of this year, Cablevision plans to expand the effort, letting customers click on an ad to see movie like trailers for a product. By next year, customers will also have the ability to buy products via their television sets. Cablevision declined to comment what premium advertisers will have to pay for the interactive features.

Listen up Nation. For the first time ever, will stream full albums from upcoming musical guests appearing on COMEDY CENTRAL’s “The Colbert Report.” The Flaming Lips will become the first performers to debut their new double album “Embryonic” on The band will appear on the show on Wednesday, September 16 at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT. The album will be made available online for a limited-time only immediately after Wednesday night’s show through Monday, September 21. “Embryonic” will be released on Tuesday, October 13. Also, this is the first time The Flaming Lips have pre-released an album digitally in its entirety.

The Mountain Goats are slated to make their late night television debut on “The Colbert Report” on Tuesday, October 6 at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT. In concurrence with their performance, will stream their upcoming album “The Life of the World to Come.”

“Embryonic” is The Lips’ 12th album and will be released by Warner Bros. Records on Tuesday, October 13. This marks their first full studio set in three years following their Grammy Award-winning “At War With The Mystics.” “Embryonic” was recorded in Fredonia, NY and Oklahoma City, OK with studio whiz and general co-conspirator Dave Fridmann and just may be their most sonically adventurous and compositionally vernal form of musical expression ever. For more info, visit

The Mountain Goats are comprised of John Darnielle, Peter Hughes (bass) and Jon Wurster (drums). On Tuesday, October 6, 4AD is set to release the band’s sixth album “The Life Of The World To Come.” Less a profession of religious faith than an immersion in Biblical poetry and imagery, the songs on the album take their names from verses that informed or inspired them. truly embraces and celebrates the community that revolves around Stephen Colbert. Members can start their own blog, upload photos and connect with other fans of “The Colbert Report.” They can also voice their opinion by rating clips, leaving comments and starting discussions with other members.

A new report from Nielsen shows the overall online video usage and top online brands ranked by video streams for August 2009. Year-over-year, unique viewers, total streams, streams per viewer and time per viewer were up, led by a 41 percent growth in total streams.

Take a look at these numbers:

Overall Online Video Usage (U.S.)
August 2009 | Year-Over-Year | Month-Over-Month
Unique Viewers (000) 139,176 18.00% 2.40%
Total Streams 11,363,819 41.00% 1.50%
Streams per Viewer 81.7 19.60% -0.80%
Time per Viewer (min) 204.9 38.60% -3.20%
Source: The Nielsen Company

Top Online Brands ranked by Video Streams for August 2009 (U.S.)
RANK Video Brand | Total Streams | Unique Viewers
1 YouTube 7,188,638 107,730
2 Hulu 392,545 9,894
3 Yahoo! 226,601 28,402
4 MSN/Live/Bing 180,603 17,244
5 Nickelodeon 158,790 6,376
6 Turner Network 151,606 7,826
7 Fox Interactive 149,304 14,823
8 Disney Online 103,992 9,524
9 MTV Networks 102,021 6,227
10 Blinkx 94,728 425
Source: The Nielsen Company

Jim O’Hara, President, Media Product Leadership, The Nielsen Company

The evolution of the three screens that distribute video – TV, Internet and mobile phones – has created challenges and opportunities for consumers, programmers and marketers alike. Consumers are exposed to more viewing options than ever before, while programmers and marketers have to find new ways to break through the clutter and deliver their message. Will the increased usage of the Internet and mobile phones take people away from traditional television viewing? How will consumers manage their use of the three screens? Separately? Simultaneously? How will these changes impact marketers? To address changing media consumption behavior, Nielsen developed the Anytime Anywhere Media Measurement (A2/M2) initiative, which seeks to measure consumers and their video consumption across all three screens. Through our A2/M2 initiatives, we have gained considerable knowledge into how people use the three screens.

The Findings
One of our primary tools for observing three screen behavior has been the TV/Internet Convergence Panel, which is made up of 1,000 households in the U.S. that formerly participated in our TV ratings panels. These households, accounting for almost 3,000 people, were asked to install a Nielsen software meter on their computers in addition to the meters these households had already permitted us to install on their televisions, enabling us to measure both Internet and television activity.

What we have found to date is that despite the initial presumptions and fears of some, media consumption has actually increased. Each of the three screens has its benefits and people are using them as complements, not as substitutes, for one another. With respect to TV and Internet usage, we found that a fair number of people are doing both simultaneously, though in relatively small increments per day – an average of ten minutes per day per person. In our multitasking culture, watching TV while checking e-mail or surfing the Internet has become more and more common: more than half of our panelists had some simultaneous activity. Among that group, 3.7% of the time they were watching television they were also on the Internet and 31.6% of the time they were online they were also watching television. What was rather unexpected was that this behavior was not limited to any one age demographic: a teen was as likely to be engaged in simultaneous usage as was someone 54 years old. And the amount of time they were doing this was comparable.

What does that mean for marketers

Until fairly recently, marketers would develop campaigns based on the individual medium – one for TV and another for the Internet. Often times, these campaigns would bear little resemblance to each other. But today, we know that doing so risks passing up an opportunity to reach a captive audience. The simultaneous usage phenomenon presents new marketing opportunities: the unique strengths of each medium can be leveraged to allow consumers to be reached – and allow them to reach back – in ways that they choose themselves.

For example, TV can deliver the call-to-action via advertising. The Internet can provide a convenient venue for the action, and enable the consumer to get more information about or actually purchase a product or service. Advertising that takes advantage of this linkage of platforms is already being implemented with particularly strong results.

To gauge the effectiveness of this concept, we looked at a few traditional retailers during the 2008 holiday season to see which of them were most successful in stimulating cross-platform behavior. In December, the highest percentage of people who watched TV while using retailer web sites went to Target was also among three retailer web sites (second to Walmart and before Best Buy) that were uniquely able to draw a high percentage of simultaneous Internet and TV users – 3.8 percent. Visitors to its web site were more likely to be watching TV while at the site, and 10.2 percent of visitors said that they had seen a Target commercial on TV. Based on these figures, it seems clear that the simultaneous use of the two media had a measurable effect on behavior.

Read the full Nielsen reports on Multitasking at home: Simultaneous Use of Media Grows

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